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It's the Booze Talkin': My X-Mas Horror Movie Wish List

12.18.2012by: Ammon Gilbert

With a week to go until the big man comes stumbling down the chimney to drop off a bunch of loot for all the good kids, Iím starting to drink even more than usual (it is the holidays, after all). And with all this booze flowing through my veins and greed pulsing from my heart, Iím starting to face a sad but honest truth: of all the shit I want for X-Mas this year, what I want the most is better slate of horror movies. Thatís right, I said it. I want better horror than what weíve been getting lately. I want every experience to be that CABIN IN THE WOODS experience, not the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 experience that weíre used to. But donít worry. I have a detailed list of specific shit I want to see in the genre in 2013 for Santa to browse and deliver, and by-golly, if he doesnít, I donít know what Iíll do. Probably drink more, thatís what. And I donít know if my liver can take much more of this.

For starters, I want more original, R rated horror. Look at the highlights of 2012: THE CABIN IN THE WOODS and SINISTER. Both films did something different to two tired sub-genres, breathing new and exciting life into each of them in different ways, thus delivering a couple of quality horror flicks that were both fresh and exciting. Thatís what we need more of around here. Horror movies that arenít afraid to push the envelope, that arenít afraid to go all hardcore and keep their R rating, and that are not afraid of thinking outside the box, even if weíve been to the box a few times before. Thereís always a different take on tired sub-genres and goddamn, I want more of that shite!

And while weíre on the subject of R rated horror, letís be clear on what Iím looking for here: boobs and blood. Thatís it. Call me simple, or un-original, or what have you, but thatís what Iím talking about when I say I want R rated horror. I like swearing, sure, but if a movie is packed with boobies and the red sauce, I wonít be worried if the movie is using curse words enough. If TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3D can do anything right, itís to provide ample of both. Live up to the f*cking namesake and make it awesome. While Iím not a big fan of 3D, when itís used in schlocky horror movies like this, Iím all about that shit. Now as long as thereís some 3D boobage and blood splatter, then go ahead and cal TCM 3D a bonafide hit delivered by the big man himself.

I know this is supposed to be a wish list of sorts of things I want Santa to bring me in the new year, but whatís a wish list without mentioning a few things that I donít want to see under the horror tree in 2012. Donít bring me any more bullshit found-footage movies. Iím sick of that shit. No more shaky cam, no more idiotic characters sitting around a haunted house holding a video camera when they should be getting the f*ck outta Dodge without a goddamn camera rolling, no more umpteenth sequels to a franchise thatís dead and tired. Ok, itís obvious Iím talking about the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise here, but what the f*ck? Part 4 disappointed even the biggest fans of the series, so just quit while youíre ahead. We donít need another SAW franchise that goes about 2 movies (or more) than necessary. Letís find another franchise to branch off of for the Halloween season and leave PARANORMAL ACTIVITY the f*ck alone.

Maybe itís the booze talkiní, but all I want for X-Mas this year is a slate of original, boob and blood infested R rated horror movies that arenít remakes, that arenít crappy sequels, and that arenít shaky cam found-footage bullshit. The contenders out there so far appear to be on the right track, including a couple of godforsaken remakes/sequels (TCM 3D, THE EVIL DEAD), but at least their heart seems to be in the right place. If they end up being splatterfests that live up to their respective franchises, then it would appear that Santa is gearing up to grant my wish. But I want more than just two awesome flicks in the new year, I want a whole f*ckload of awesome, so maybe THE LORDS OF SALEM will be great, or maybe THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT 2: GHOSTS OF GEORGIAÖ nah, Iím just f*ckiní with you. That looks like a goddamn travesty and a half. So please Santa, hook a brotha up with some genre goodness this year. Iíve been good this yearÖ mostly.


Extra Tidbit: What kind of horror do you want Santa to bring for 2013?



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