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Jersey Shore Massacre drops new stills and key art

07.14.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Yes, "Jersey Shore" star JWOWW produced a movie, and yes, it's called JERSEY SHORE MASSACRE. And of course, it's an on-the-nose parody of the reality show that made her so… famous. (For lack of a better word.) Today we've got a batch of stills and poster to share for the film, so break out the tanning lotion and pump that fist! Or whatever - this parody is sadly about four years too late.

Here's the film's synopsis:

A typical weekend down the shore takes a bizarre turn in the New Jersey Pine Barrens as six girls and five obnoxious fist-pumpers become the unsuspecting targets of a deranged killer.

JERSEY SHORE MASSACRE evidently hits theaters on August 22nd. It stars Danielle Dallacco, Sal Governale, Richard Christy, Bigfoot and, naturally, Ron Jeremy.

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Extra Tidbit: Do you care about JERSEY SHORE MASSACRE at all?



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