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Joe Carnahan talks up Death Wish remake, calls it ugly and violent

08.15.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Having successfully explored the perils of the wilderness in THE GREY, Joe Carnahan is ready to examine the urban jungle in DEATH WISH, a remake of the classic 1974 Charles Bronson vigilante thriller. Normally I wouldn't be very engaged in the idea of remaking the film, but with Carnahan at the helm, there's a chance it will be just as mean and gritty as the original. And to hear Carnahan tell it, it's going to be a nasty bastard indeed.

Appearing on The Radio Dan Show (via Collider), Carnahan laid out some details regarding the film. Read the excerpts below:

Where is he at with the script? "Iím winding it down. I havenít really talked about this at length, but Iím getting to the end, and Iím extremely pleased with the way itís shaping up. The movie business is a tricky business, it has its flows and it drops precipitously, so you just donít know. Weíre in very uncertain times, so thatís why a movie like Daredevil and Death Wish resonate because itís current. It reminds us of the time when this country was on its ear. We were losing a war, and the President who was disgraced, and no body trusted anybody. And I think thatís where weíre at right now."

When might the film start production? "I donít know. Iím pretty rigorous about the drafts I turn in. I donít turn in something thatís so ungodly they go, ďWhat the hell is this?Ē Iím not trying to turn a Dostoyevsky, this tome of thousand of pages, but itís probably bigger than it needs to be right now, so I have to do a little editorializing, a little finessing. But the action is there. Itís short and ugly and violent, but itís characters Iím interested in. The simplicity of violence versus the complexity of vengeance is what that movieís about."

Short and ugly and violent? 'Nuff said, Joe.

Finally, how much is Carnahan looking at the original film? " Iím not. I thought it was important to have my own ideas and let that idea inspire the story. I think you get into trouble when you start having to get tooóhis name is Paul Kersey, Iím not going to change thatóbut Iíve changed some other things, but beyond that are spoilers that I shanít be revealing at this time. I think everybodyís going to be pleased."

Will be tough - nay, impossible - to please "everybody," but I'm glad Joe's giving it the old college try!

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited about the prospect of a DEATH WISH remake, or do you want to shoot it down?



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