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Karyn Kusama to follow The Invitation with parenthood horror flick Breed

09.19.2016by: Brennan Klein
Karyn Kusama Breed

Director Karyn Kusama may have experienced a dry spell after helming JENNIFER'S BODY, but thanks to her recent flick THE INVITATION she's still undead and kicking in the horror genre! Her next film, which is being produced by Fox, is BREED, a dark tale of parenthood gone wrong.

An adaptation of Chase Novak's novel, BREED follows:

a wealthy New York couple who turn to a controversial Eastern European fertility clinic to conceive when all conventional methods fail. Ten years later, the nightmarish side effects of the procedure begin to manifest for—and in—the couple and their twin children.

I'm not sure exactly what that implies, but it sounds part-ROSEMARY'S BABY, part-THE OMEN, part-VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, and all creepy. The screenplay for BREED was written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (R.I.P.D.). They will also be producing alongside Scott Frank.

Extra Tidbit: Did you dig THE INVITATION?



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