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Kids Get Dead slasher

06.15.2009by: Mike Catalano

Okay, I’ve gotta be honest. The main reason I’m writing an article on this slasher indie is its title: KIDS GO TO THE WOODS… KIDS GET DEAD. Is that one friggin’ straight-shooter of a name or what? Plus, being a big-time slasher nut, it just makes sense for me to get the word on it. So in the fun-loving sense of watching a drunk teen getting axed, let the good times (and heads) roll:

The basic plot cuts like this: A teen girl named Casey goes to a cabin in the woods to celebrate her birthday with a bunch of party-hearty friends, little knowing that a murderous maniac will put a bloody dent in their festivities. It falls to Casey’s younger brother Scott to save the day with the help of a mysterious book that seems to predict their fates.

Hold on, so it’s kind of like a slasher/FINAL DESTINATION hybrid? Could be interesting if the director cares about shelling out some form of a good story. Other than that, with the mentioning of “woods”, “party”, and “maniac”, KIDS GET DEAD seems to be showcasing all the obligatory call signs of its ilk.

The writer/director/producer who I’m hoping has something interesting to put on display is Michael Hall. His cast of KIDS is composed of Leah Rudick, Joseph Campellone, Andrew Waffenschmidt, Meghan Miller, Eric Carpenter, Amanda Rising, Kristen Adele, Seth Stephens, Kevin Shea and Carly Goodspeed. On an interesting note, Hall made the flick to look like it’s being watched on an old VHS tape to give off a sort of GRINDHOUSE feel. Or maybe he’s just saying that because the film had a super small budget. For more info and pics (like the one below), you can check out the official website right here.

Extra Tidbit: Is it just me, or does the killer’s “look” remind you of MY BLOODY VALENTINE?
Source: Fangoria



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