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Leech Attack trlr.

10.08.2008by: Mike Catalano
You Bleed… They Feed! Nice little tagline for Brett Kelly’s schlock remake of 1959’s schlocky ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES. The schlock just don’t stop! Mr. Ammon last reported on this flick many months ago and gave a nice assortment of images (like the one below). And today, we now have the word that Mr. Kelly has released LEECHES' first teaser trailer on his website. Simply click here to find all the blood-sucking fun! And speaking of fun, here’s the plot synopsis which I don’t think deviates much from the original:

Some big-ass leeches show up in the lake of some backwoods, hick town. Then people start dying in the suckiest of ways.

Actually, I kind of just pieced most of that synopsis together myself from watching the trailer because I couldn’t find anything “official”. Regardless, I think the title basically sums everything up quite nicely. How can you beat a cheesy monster flick sprinkled with scantily clad, screaming chicks? I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch those chicks below getting sucked?

The LEECHES cast is comprised of Mark Courneyea, Kevin Preece, Kerri Draper, Barry Caiger, Shawna McSheffrey, Gary Peterson, Jody Haucke, Trevor Payer, Mark Singleton, Ray Besharah, Alissa Prtichard, Laura White, and Diane Camelin. Kelly directed it from a script by Jeff O’Brien. Look for it in 2009.

Source: brett.net



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