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Manganiello and Shelton in talks to help The Rock fight kaiju in Rampage

02.10.2017by: Cody Hamman

Joe Manganiello

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is getting some more assistance in his battle against kaiju. Naomie Harris is already on board to co-star with him him in director Brad Peyton's "scarier than expected" live action adaptation of the 1980s video game RAMPAGE, and now Joe Manganiello and Marley Shelton are also in negotiations to join the kaiju resistance.

Like the video game it's based on, RAMPAGE is about 

three creatures — a monstrously transformed gorilla, crocodile and wolf — who wreak havoc on North American cities and landmarks.

Johnson's character is "an animal-loving hero who is the world's only hope". Harris will be playing "a geneticist with a moral streak". When their deals are closed, Manganiello will be playing the leader of a private military group, while Shelton's character will be a scientist and astronaut.

I'm wondering what more there is for Johnson's hero than his passion for animals. I get why a geneticist, a private military group, and a scientist / astronaut (will she also be going into space?) might get involved with the story, but who is this random animal lover who becomes so important?

We'll find out when New Line Cinema releases RAMPAGE on April 20, 2018.


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Source: THR



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