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Manuel Carballo to follow up Exorcismus with zombie film The Returned!

02.10.2011by: Jake Dee

Manuel Carballo's EXORCISMUS (THE POSSESSION OF EMMA EVANS) still awaits a specified U.S. release date, though it does arrive on DVD in the U.K. February 14th (perfect Valentine's Day film, I'd imagine). Anyway, just because Carballo's latest hasn't fully toured the globe, he and Filmax aren't wasting anytime setting up their next potential project. Peep it...

Carballo is now attached to direct a zombie film called THE RETURNED, from a script by Hatem Khraiche (BUNKER) and Ruiz-Zorrilla . Details are scant, as the project is in its rudimentary sales stage, looking to do business at the EFM this month (hence the sales poster to the right).

We do have a logline for you though:

Kate works at the hospital in the Return Unit, helping those who have been infected by the virus that turns people into zombies. Kate’s own husband, Jack, has been returned.

Bummer for Kate.

You know, I tend to think some of the best zombie films have that to-kill-a-zombified-loved-one moment. Think of Shaun whacking his ghoulish mother in SHAUN OF THE DEAD. Hopefully the intimacy of married couple halved by an undead corpse in THE RETURNED pays emotional dividends if nothing else.

Alright, so how you liking this set up? I for one like THE RETURNED as a title, and Filmax's track record kind of speaks for itself. Color me pumped!

Extra Tidbit: Carballo's film El Ultimo Justo starred the lovely Ana Claudia Talancon (above).
Source: Filmax



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