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Miike shoots Tarantino

06.13.2007by: Eric Walkuski

Takashii Miike and the western DJANGO are a match made in heaven. If youíve never seen DJANGO (or any of its pseudo sequels), itís a massively violent spaghetti western so bloody it almost spills into horror territory.

Miike, as we all know, is a madman who has tackled just about every genre possible - and added his own unique spin to each. So now heís taking on an English-language Western (starring mostly Japanese actors) thatís sure to be as electrifying and insane as his other pictures, and who better to be a part of it than our own Quentin Tarantino. Screen Daily is reporting that QT has just finished filming his role in SUKIYAKI WESTERN: DJANGO, apparently Miikeís most expensive film to date.

Sony Pictures International Japan is releasing DJANGO this September overseas. No word on when weíll get to see it, but you'll certainly know when we do.

"This is... Sukiyaki Westerrrnnn..."

Source: Screen Daily



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