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More Sorority Row pics!

08.12.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Because we want you to see the entire movie before you actually see it, here are some more stills from Stewart Hendler's SORORITY ROW... Most of them are just variations on images that have already been released, but if you print them all out, you can make a little flipbook out of them. Saves ya eleven bucks!

Hold on.... A lawyer from Summit Entertainment is on the phone... you're gonna do wha-... (gulp)...

Just kiddin' folks! You should definitely see SORORITY ROW when it opens on SEPTEMBER 11th. Hot chicks, cool murders... and most likely a trailer for Summit's NEW MOON! Life don't get much better...

For more SORORITY ROW goodness, take a look at my interviews with Audrina Partridge, Leah Pipes, and Briana Evigan.

Extra Tidbit: The Summit lawyer told me he'd give me Robert Pattinson-hair if I didn't quit talkin' shit.
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