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MTV taps Alexis Knapp to headline original horror film The Dorm

02.10.2014by: Kevin Woods

More original horror-themed programming is on its way to MTV in the form of THE DORM, a psychological horror movie starring Alexis Knapp to be directed by FREDDY'S DEAD helmer Rachel Talalay from a script by Sean Hood (HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION), according to Deadline.

"Degrassi" star Cassie Steele and "Teen Wolf" actor Max Lloyd Jones are joining Knapp in a tale that follows...

...a student, Vivian (Knapp) who begins college as a shy, self-consciousness freshman but who, after becoming a dorm mate of the popular Sarah (Steele), begins a complete transformation.

THE DORM has cameras ready to roll next week in Calgary, Canada with Mike Frisley, Maggie Malina and Chad Oakes executive producing through Nomadic Pictures Corp.

I'm glad to see MTV tackling horror again. Now if we could just get an update on MTV's "Scream" series....

Alexis Knapp

Source: Deadline



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