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Nat Wolff goes dark in Rosy

11.17.2015by: Brennan Klein

So far, the closest teen star Nat Wolff has come to the horror genre is the title role in Adam Wingard's DEATH NOTE, an anime adaptation with admittedly dark origins. However, he's veering ever closer in the dark indie ROSY, in which he has just claimed the lead.

In ROSY, Nat Wolff is:

Doug, a lonely young man who kidnaps the titular Rosy, a struggling actress. However, the deviant’s plans go sour when Rosy proves to be far more difficult for him to handle than he ever could have anticipated.

Part MISERY, part every indie flick ever, ROSY does sound interesting enough to give it a look. Sometimes it's hard to resist films that tear down squeaky clean teen reputations. Young actors trying to go dark is either disastrous or wonderful, but either way it's a fun time at the movies.

ROSY will be directed by Jessica Manafort.

Extra Tidbit: Are you more looking forward to DEATH NOTE or ROSY?



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