Necessary Evil: The Early Years of Dr. Sam Loomis TV Series

Hello and welcome to the inaugural entry of a brand new column we are trying out here at AITH! The idea behind it is this: have you, as a horror fan, ever dreamed up a notion for our genre so fun and interesting that you feel it just had to happen? I know I have! That is the point of this column; to suggest a horror movie, TV show, or idea that hasn’t yet been made and explain why we think it's a Necessary Evil!

IDEA: A television series based on the exploits of a young Dr. Sam Loomis from the Halloween films.

OUTLINE: The Dr. Sam Loomis we first met in John Carpenter’s classic Halloween was an older gent who had been treating Michael Myers for 15 years. He was worn down by Michael’s inability to be healed and cynical about his patient’s status. BUT… wouldn’t it be interesting to see the journey that led him to become the horror “Ahab” of all Ahabs? That is where the TV series “prequel”, which I would title as LOOMIS, begins: 15 years prior to Michael’s escape from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium.

Each episode could have Loomis assisting in stopping some random nutjob or there can also be a season-long nemesis that he’s constantly facing-off with. The one consistent arc throughout the series would be his continued treatment of a young Michael Myers who begins to shape the way he views those suffering from insanity.

WHY IT COULD WORK: Just look at Bates Motel and Hannibal! Both shows act as prequels/reimaginings of two insanely popular horror movie franchises. Both shows respect their source material and are very well done. They smartly expand the scope of two of the most beloved icons of our genre. I definitely believe that LOOMIS could offer the same kind of satisfying entertainment on a weekly basis.

CHARACTERS: Obviously there’s Dr. Sam Loomis and I picture an actor somewhere around his late thirties/early forties. Yes, he’d have to have his trademark bald head and probably a bit of facial hair. And the accent is a must. A couple of actors I’d have in mind for the part are Tim Roth, Jude Law, Martin Freeman or if you want to get crazy, Jason Statham.

There also must be a child actor to play young Michael Myers. I’d say the best bet would be to cast an unknown.

Now comes the nearly limitless possibilities of what NEW characters can be added to the existing young Loomis universe. Was he ever married? Did he have any children? Does he have siblings? All of that can be expanded upon. What about members of the medical staff? There can be a fellow psychiatrist (maybe a Dr. Wynn type?) or nurse. Perhaps even a police officer who begins working closely with him?

CONCLUSION: Television shows involving the medical profession, killer psychos, and suspense are all very popular these days. LOOMIS would combine all three and if handled with the kind of respect and intelligence used in shows like Bates Motel and Hannibal, could end up being very satisfying entertainment to more than just horror aficionados. It would have the benefit of being a known brand as well as the label of “horror TV” which is very hot right now. So, why don’t you say we get Malek Akkad on the phone and get this thing going?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this concept as well as this column. Do you think it would work? Who would you like to see in the cast? What aspects would you like to see explored? Kindly fire them bullets below! And if you have any ideas that you think should be made into horror reality, let me know at [email protected].



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