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New Grace site launch

03.25.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

A little bird was flying around the AITH offices and before we caught it and barbequed it for lunch, it told us about the new website launch of Anchor Bay's upcoming and critically acclaimed horror flick GRACE, which we last told you about HERE.

The film's new OFFICIAL WEBSITE features all sorts of cools shite, including a couple of teaser trailers, a small (yet satisfying) photo gallery, a list of festivals the film is currently hitting up, and links to the many positive reviews that are floating around.

It may not be the flashiest website out there, and I wish it had more images and video content, but for a small indie horror flick starring the lovely Jordan Ladd... I'd say it could be worse! If you've been following this movie at all, I'd say the site's worth a look--and since it's not all that pimped out, it shouldn't take too long to explore!

To check out the new website, click HERE, and stay tuned for the announcement of the film's official release date!

Extra Tidbit: Ladd has starred in a number of genre flicks directly related to Eli Roth, including CABIN FEVER, DEATH PROOF, and HOSTEL PART II.
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