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New one sheet for Job nabs a few words from Quentin Tarantino

11.17.2010by: Moises Hernandez

If you dig dark conspiracy/more-beneath-the-surface type films with religious undertones to them then this for ya. JOB is one such film that touches on some priestly action with a lot of homicide and dark deeds. Pumped yet?

In the shadows of THE ORDER and STIGMATA coms JOB and down below we've got you a one sheet from the film. While it looks pretty straightforward (literally), the one sheet also nabs a few words from the Tarantino. Pretty smart choice of words if you ask me. Is this really what he's going to say when the the flick hits theaters (or DVD shelves)? 

Apparently this is the kind of flick that took a while. In other words this baby just wouldn't get the f*ck out of the womb. It's currently in the latter stages of development and so we'll have lots of news for ya until its release. Look for further updates on Job soon. Hopefully. Check out more information on JOB by heading to their myspace page right here!

How about a synopsis and some artwork?

"Six priests buried a secret... now that secret has come back to haunt them. Ten years later the Dark Christ rises, embarking on a killing rampage and wreaking vengeance upon those who have wronged him.

Detective Remar (Michael Pare) is a cop with a connection from the past who relentlessly pursues the killer while facing a nest of corruption in the Catholic Church. Job, a victim of violence carrying a twisted obsession for justice, is caught between opposing forces in this fast-paced thriller ... a world of insanity, corruption, and revenge.

Job is an unforgettable horror film filled with suspense that will leave you gasping for breath."

Extra Tidbit: Anyone dug STIGMATA (1999) with Patricia Arquette (above)?



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