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Nick Searcy signs on to star in the cockroach transformation thriller Metamorphosis

06.28.2011by: Jared Pacheco
You guys ever hear of a book called METAMORPHOSIS? It's a novel from author Franz Kafka and is basically about a kid who turns into a giant cockroach. Oh yeah, a giant cockroach. What.. the.. hell...

Don't worry if you've never heard of this one, I'm sure your not alone. But alas I come here today to bring you the news that not only is METAMORPHOSIS in line to be adapted for the big screen, but according to Variety Nick Searcy has just signed on to star in the buggy thriller. Check out the official rundown:

Story focuses on a 17-year-old who wakes up one morning to an inexplicable illness that transforms him into the unimaginable -- a hideous, human-sized cockroach. His parents come home to discover him afraid and hiding from his new form and are now faced with the decision of accepting a monster in their suburban home or exterminating their own son.

I'm guessing Searcy will be playing the kids father? David Yohe is set to direct this little diddy for Isotropic Films from a script he co-wrote with Jason Goldberg. Production on METAMORPHOSIS is set to kick off late next month in Los Angeles so hopefully we'll be hearing more on this one soon.

Extra Tidbit: Nick Searcy can most recently be found on the hit FX show "Justified", which also stars Natalie Zea (above).
Source: Variety



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