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Official H2 trailer!

04.24.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Well here it is, finally. The H2 trailer in all its crystal-clear, pristine glory. Well, not exactly crystal-clear, because the movie has the same grungy, dirty quality that Rob Zombie's first film had, but it's not a bootleg and its not part of some shitty Entertainment Tonight clip. It be the real deal.

I like the trailer's first half, with its quiet, mounting dread, but I can't get too excited about the rest of it - especially Michael's mother popping up in his imagination. I had heard about this aspect of the film from someone who was on set, and wasn't quite sure if he was just unclear about what he was seeing, but looks like he was on the money: Michael's mommy is accompanying him wherever he goes, acting as a sexy Devil on his shoulder. Like the best movie maniacs, Michael has some serious mother issues...

So check it out below, the official teaser trailer for Rob Zombie's H2. (To see it in HD, head on over to Yahoo!.)

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Micheal's mother shows up so much because Zombie just wanted to get his wife back in the film?
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