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Pegg/Frost meet Paul

11.14.2008by: Eric Walkuski

This shite sounds right up our alley. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, immortal icons to horror fans for their work in the brilliant SHAUN OF THE DEAD - as well as the equally brilliant t.v. show SPACED - are teaming up yet again in what at first glance appears to be a film geek's dream project. It's called PAUL, and it's coming to us from director Greg Mottola (SUPERBAD) and executive producer Edgar Wright (the third mad genius behind SHAUN and SPACED).

What's PAUL about? The story revolves around two British slackers who, after visiting Comic-Con, go on a road trip to Area 51, where they encounter a small alien named Paul, who enlists them to help him find his way home.

Pegg and Frost also wrote the screenplay (good sign!) for the film, which will begin shooting during the Spring in New Mexico. No word yet if the little alien is going to be CG, a puppet, or maybe a midget in a suit, but whichever way they go, it'll probably be f*ckin funny.

Source: Variety



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