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REC 3's director and star team up again for Damned Friday

Feb. 6, 2014by: Eric Walkuski

Enjoy the splattery craziness of [REC]3: GENESIS? Then you'll appreciate the fact that the director and star of that film are teaming up again, this time for something a little different.

Paco Plaza (who also co-directed the first two [REC] films) and actress Leticia Dolera have boarded DAMNED FRIDAY according to Variety. The vampire drama is actually based on a fake trailer that Plaza shot years back; it was apparently so persuasive that he's gone ahead and developed it into a feature film. (You can give it a look below.)

Described as being in a similar vein as BLACK SWAN, DAMNED FRIDAY deals with...

a young woman who struggles with her family and boyfriend before becoming a vampire.

BURIED and GRAND PIANO producer Adrian Guerra is producing.

Plaza said about the project: Ive shot a werewolf movie, a bunch of zombie films, but as a horror film fan, I felt I really wanted to shoot a vampire film. Theres only one thing I can say for sure: there will be blood.

"Damned Friday" fake trailer

Leticia Dolera

Extra Tidbit: Did you enjoy [REC] 3: GENESIS?
Source: Variety

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