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RIP Richard Franklin

07.13.2007by: Eric Walkuski

I知 not great at this kind of thing, so I値l just lay it out.

Australian director Richard Franklin, known primarily as being the man who directed PSYCHO 2, has passed away. He was 58. (he would have been 59 on the 15th of this month.) In addition, he directed CLOAK AND DAGGER, LINK, and F/X 2, as well as some t.v. (Beauty and the Beast; The Lost World).

PSYCHO 2 is a movie that gets a bad rap just because it has the balls to be 撤SYCHO 2" but in actuality it is not a bad film at all. In fact, while not a great movie, in many ways it痴 the most 菟erfect a sequel to a seminal movie can be - at least in terms of its story and atmosphere.

As well, his ROADGAMES is just a hoot, and you owe it to yourselves to check it out. It痴 like a tongue-in-cheek DUEL, with a really enjoyable performance from Stacy Keach as a truck driver who encounters a serial killer in the lonely Australian outback.

I suppose that's all I can say, but if you have something to add about one of his flicks, feel free to post below. Once more, RIP Richard Franklin.

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