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Sean Penn's daughter Dylan Penn stars in infection thriller Condemned

03.21.2014by: Eric Walkuski

The acting bug has bitten Sean Penn and Robin Wright's daughter Dylan Penn - and that's not all that's going to bite her in the horror flick CONDEMNED, which the 22-year-old model has just jumped aboard. And damn if she doesn't have the same gorgeous kisser as her mother...

Penn will be tackling the lead role as

... the youngest member of a group of kids who live in a condemned, filthy squat on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. After an infection originating from their own waste hits the building’s residents, the people inside lose their minds and go on murderous rampages.

Great, now we can't even trust our own waste…

Caliber Media's Jack Heller and Dallas Sonnier (BAD MILO) are producing CONDEMNED, while clothing designer (yes, you read that correctly) Eli Morgan Gesner writes and directs. Shooting on CONDEMNED kicks off next month in New York City.

Source: THR



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