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Teaser poster for horror comedy Little Reaper

02.18.2013by: Ryan Miller

Dream Seekers Productions has a very fun sounding horror flick coming our way called LITTLE REAPER. The quirky horror/comedy is about the Grim Reaper's difficult teenage daughter and is currently in post production. Damn. Not even Death himself can escape a teenage brat! I love this idea, which is one of the great things about indy films as they usually come up with some fun and interesting premises like this one. That's gotta be pretty awkward being the daughter of Death and all. I can't imagine what that's like trying to make friends and what not. Awkward!

Below you will find a kick-ass teaser poster for the film which says it all. Reap this!

For more on this be sure to head over to their Facebook page and Twitter!

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Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite movie featuring the Grim Reaper?
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