The dead return to life in new network TV show The Returned

Zombies... you just can't get rid of them.

The undead are more popular than ever, thanks in large part to a little cable television series called "The Walking Dead," and now they're shambling over to ABC to take part in a show called "The Returned."

These aren't your flesh-chewing walkers, however. In "The Returned," the dead return to change the lives of those they left behind in a small Midwestern town.

These corpses appear to be a bit more benevolent than those in "Walking Dead," but we'll have to wait and see just how they go about changing their loved ones' lives. Aaron Zelman, who worked on AMC's "The Killing," will serve as executive producer on the series, as well as write for it. Plan B, the production company formed by Brad Pitt (who is tangling with zombies of his own in WORLD WAR Z), will produce.

Perhaps ABC's hunger for "The Returned" plays a part in their quick decision to shelve the paranormal drama "Weird Desk" a mere week after giving it the go-ahead. If that's the case, this show is one to keep an eye on.

Extra Tidbit: This show bears some resemblance to "Babylon Fields," which was a proposed series back in 2007 but never made it. That too dealt with the dead coming back to life in order to pick up the pieces, it starred (Amber Tamblyn, pictured above).
Source: Variety



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