ABC throws away paranormal show Weird Desk days after ordering 13 episodes

Either ABC is schizophrenic these days, or they're feeling pressure from a higher power. Either way, they've just put the brakes on the paranormal investigation series "Weird Desk", which sounded like it was in the tradition of "The X-Files" and "Fringe", a week after ordering 13 episodes. What gives?

According to Deadline.com, "Weird Desk" will no longer be produced for summer as originally planned, and its status will be revisited after pilot season. The reason could be twofold: Evidently the show wasn't going to be up and running in time for the summer launch at a cost-effective price. Which makes sense.

The second reason seems a bit like a conspiracy theory, but you never know in this business. Apparently there was some concern over at Marvel (which, like ABC, is owned by Disney) that "Weird Desk" was too similar to "S.H.I.E.L.D.", Joss Whedon's TV spin-off of the blockbuster AVENGERS series. Wanting to appease Marvel, ABC has nixed "Weird Desk," perhaps for good.

I find it a bit heard to believe that something as high-profile as "S.H.I.E.L.D." would have to worry about a low-cost summer series, but when egos get involved, all bets are off. Is this the end of "Weird Desk" for good? Time will tell. (If they do revive it, hopefully a better title will be conjured up.)

Based on the alleged real-life mysteries from this world and beyond, it centers on the workings of a clandestine organization rumored to be named “Weird Desk.” Working above the levels of top secret and above the office of the President, the unit is the destination for mysterious intelligence rerouted from the CIA and NSA. Tasked with investigating and solving occurrences of the paranormal, supernatural and sometimes extra-terrestrial, “Weird Desk” is led by Morgan, an obstinate, socially inept and brilliant man who would now be dead if it weren’t for his special forces trained partner, Rosetta.

Extra Tidbit: Did "Weird Desk" sound like a series you were willing to suit up for?
Source: Deadline.com



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