The great Bill Moseley will headline horror comedy The Ballad of Sadie Grace

Bill Moseley as the horror headline? Can't f*ck with that!

Via a press release from Josh Hull, director of the upcoming horror-comedy THE BALLAD OF SADIE GRACE, we've learned that, yes, the great Bill Moseley will indeed star in the picture. Plot details are thin at this time, but we do know Moseley will play a small-town sheriff who has been hunting local legend "Sadie Grace" for years.

THE BALLAD OF SADIE GRACE was written by standup comedian Josh Arnold, and has procured INSIDIOUS cinematographer David M. Brewer. Bryan Wilson (Underground Entertainment the Movie) is producing.

Of course, Moseley (seen beat up there to the right) is quite the genre talent. Dude can play sick and serious, a la his Rob Zombie collaborations, or he can do silly slapstick, a la 2001 MANIACS. Dude always seems to have a dozen projects in the works, as he does now, with higher profile outings including TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: ORIGINS 3D, not to mention how he's currently killing it as Crazy Max on FEARnet's "Holliston."

As for THE BALLAD OF SADIE GRACE, hopefully we hear more soon.

Extra Tidbit: Best Moseley performance is?
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