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The Last Exorcism Part II headed for Blu-ray and DVD

04.29.2013by: Ryan Miller

Wow, this one sort of just came and went didn't it? Well, it's already time to start getting ready for its Blu-ray/DVD release which is set to hit shelves on June 18th. From producer Eli Roth and the producers of DAWN OF THE DEAD comes the terrifying supernatural thriller THE LAST EXORCISM PART II which will get an unrated release in the coming months. You can pre-order your copy right HERE.

Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) is back in the relative safety of civilization and sent to live in a group home where she’s encouraged to leave her past behind and start a new life.  Just as Nell settles in, she is tormented by the seductive demonic presence that once possessed her.  She realizes that the evil force is back with unimaginably horrific plans which could only mean that her last exorcism was just the beginning.

The unrated Blu-ray and DVD features unseen footage too frightening for theatres, a commentary track with director Ed Gass-Donnelly and producer Eli Roth, and three featurettes, including Hair Salon Scare – THE LAST EXORCISM PART II goes Viral, Nell’s Story and Shooting in New Orleans.

Special Features:

— Commentary featuring Directors Ed Gass-Donnelly and Eli Roth

Three featurettes:

— Hair Salon Scare – The Last Exorcism Part II goes Viral - Unsuspecting customers at a beauty salon are given a frightening surprise when a haunting image of a Nell look alike stares back at them from their mirror.

— Nell’s Story -- Ashley Bell gives fans a glimpse at what they can expect in the continuation of the story started in The Last Exorcism.

— Shooting in New Orleans -- Producer Eli Roth and Ashley Bell discuss why shooting the film in New Orleans was the perfect backdrop for the movie.  According to Roth, “There is something very haunting about the place.  As much as it is beautiful, it is also very scary… the culture of voodoo is alive and well there.”

Extra Tidbit: Did you guys see this in theaters? Is it worth a Blu-ray purchase?
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