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"The Pacific" star James Badge Dale joins Brad Pitt in World War Z

06.10.2011by: Jake Dee

From ending lives in the past to fighting the dead of the future...

Variety has it that "The Pacific" star James Badge Dale (seen right) is ironing out a deal to star alongside Brad Pitt in the futuristic zombie yarn WORLD WAR Z. Marc Forster is directing the film, which is also set to star Mireille Enos (below) and possibly Anthony Mackie.

Word is Dale will play Capt. Speke, an American soldier who trusts his instincts and is wise beyond his years. The character tries to alert authorities that the zombie threat is real, and is stuck in a military detention center when the zombie outbreak begins.

Pitt will play a UN researcher conducting interviews with survivors of a global war between humans and zombies. Enos plays Pitt's wife and mother of two girls.

WORLD WAR Z is scheduled to start production later this month in Malta.

Extra Tidbit: Badge Dale started his screen career as Simon in the 1990 version of LORD OF THE FLIES.
Source: Variety



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