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Trailer & poster for The Apparition not just a reason to look at Ashley Greene!

05.24.2012by: Jared Pacheco

I'm going to be honest - I don't have high hopes for Todd Lincoln's THE APPARITION. This thing has been pushed back years at a time... kind of hard to get behind a flick like that, no?

With that being said I've come here today to give you all a very intriguing look at the first trailer and one-sheet for the film! And dare I say this shite actually looks pretty awesome? I dare! Don't take my word for it though. Go ahead and tap the goods for this thing by scrolling on down below. The trailer can also be found over in our videos section in case you're feeling froggy.

The supernatural thriller follows a young couple haunted by a supernatural presence unleashed during a college experiment.

Starring Ashley Greene (below), Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton and Julianna Guill, THE APPARITION is set to hit theaters on August 24th. So now that we've got some legit looks at this thing - What do you guys think? Spit some bullets below and let us know as we wait for more goods from this one to roll our way.


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Extra Tidbit: Our first article on THE APPARITION was way back in May 2009.
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