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Van Damme good horror!

05.26.2009by: Mike Catalano
Well, will wonders never cease?! It seems that the ol' "Muscles from Brussels" (after enjoying some, gasp, critical success with his sorta-autobiographical JCVD) is attempting to snap-kick into a brand new genre... horror! That's right, folks! At this year's Cannes, Jean-Claude Van Damme let the dead cat out of the bag with the following statement:

"This summer I will make a new movie with a famous director called WEAPON. After that I will make a horror movie called THE BREED. Its a great story, great script with true emotion. I want to show the fans i am transferable. i wanted to make a horror movie a few years back but the script was weak and had no direction.

BREED is different it's set in a village where strange things happen......................You know, let the movie speak for itself!"

Well, shut my mouth and call me a Timecop! Vann Damme is comin' to horror! Very interesting. For some reason, I see him fitting in nicely. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes and ears open for any more info on this new BREED of scary! And a big thanks to Rob2k for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: I'm certain that Jean-Claude enjoyed his TIMECOP sex scene with Mia Sara.
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