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Videogame writer Rob Yescombe goes Outside the Wire with sci-fi spec

06.21.2013by: Kevin Woods

Ben Pugh and Rory Aitken's London-based production company 42 has optioned Rob Yescombe's sci-fi spec script OUTSIDE THE WIRE, according to The Wrap who also reports that the film will be a co-production between 42 and Chris Ferguson's Canadian company Odd Fellows Entertainment.

Pugh, Aitken and Ferguson will produce the film, while Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (SINISTER) will executive produce via Automatik, a joint venture between E1 Entertainment and IM Global.

Plot details are unknown as the producers are keeping the logline under wraps for now.

Yescombe is a well-known writer in the videogame world, with the popular titles "Haze" and "Crysis 2" on his resume. OUTSIDE THE WIRE is his first spec sale.

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in seeing what Yescombe has cooked up for his first spec script?
Source: The Wrap



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