Cool Videos: Harrison Ford being very angry at you supercut

ENDER'S GAME opens today, and you know what that means: Harrison Ford will probably get angry at someone, and there's a good chance he'll also point his finger at the unlucky person on the receiving end of Ford's wrath. It's what he does, and he does it quite well. Vulture has created this fantastic supercut of Harrison Ford being pissed off at people from some of his films, including scenes from AIR FORCE ONE, PATRIOT GAMES and many more.

Harrison Ford doesn't lose his shit like John Goodman or Gary Oldman (you can revisit those supercuts here and here), but I'd argue that his anger is almost scarier. Ford only needs to slightly raise his voice for you to know that he means business, and if his business is with you, you better watch the f*ck out.

"I will f*cking destroy you!"

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Source: Vulture

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