Walton Goggins in talks to be a baddie in the Tomb Raider reboot

Tomb Raider Walton Goggins Alicia Vikander Roar Uthaug

The reboot of TOMB RAIDER is certainly gathering an exciting team, even if the idea isn't all that enticing. COLD PREY director and EX MACHINA It girl Alicia Vikander are already attached, and now one Walton Goggins is in final talks to play the bad guy.

Goggins is no stranger to villainous roles, but he's mostly played them out in the dusty West in projects like THE HATEFUL EIGHT, Justified, and DJANGO UNCHAINED. He's even donned the hat in the quickly forgotten COWBOYS & ALIENS, though he's also held a variety of other types of roles in The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, AMERICAN ULTRA, and HBO's hilarious new show Vice Principals.

He's an eclectic, extremely magnetic actor, and his presence is enough to keep me firmly on the side of TOMB RAIDER, no matter how hard it tries to not be interesting.

This new take on TOMB RAIDER will:

tell the story of the young and untested Croft on her first adventure.

The film will rappel into theaters on March 16, 2018

Goggins (with Danny McBride) in Vice Principals
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