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Wolf Creek 3 might shoot next year!

05.12.2015by: Eric Walkuski

That dastardly Aussie Mick Taylor might paint the silver screen blood red once again in WOLF CREEK 3, if we're to believe the man who plays Taylor, John Jarratt. I don't think that's a man who speaks out of his arse, either!

In an interview with Manly Movies, Jarratt dished out a short but sweet update on the sequel:†

Itís being developed, should shoot it next year. Great plot, secret of course.

Director Greg McLean certainly seemed open to doing a third WOLF CREEK when we spoke to him last spring; read that interview HERE. He also spoke of a two Mick Taylor novels! †

How does WOLF CREEK 3 this effect the Wolf Creek TV series we heard about back in February? Unfortunately, we don't know just yet. One thing appears certain, though: Mick Taylor isn't going anywhere.

WOLF CREEK 2 exclusive deleted scene

Extra Tidbit: Are you up for another WOLF CREEK?
Source: Manly



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