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Alien vs. prequel


The xenomorphs are getting a break from being bludgeoned by PREDATORS and bad spinoff movies -- as previously rumored/expected/dreaded, Fox is moving ahead with a prequel to ALIEN.

Ridley Scott, the man who first brought he Giger-designed extraterrestrial killing machine to life, is actually attached to direct the film (despite past insistence from the Scott brothers that their company director Carl Rinsch would handle that task).

Writer Jon Spaihts has won the coveted (or feared) assignment of telling the backstory of the terrifying space creatures. While he hasn't done much you'd know, Spaihts is apparently the "hot sci-fi guy" in town with some fine (if unproduced) scripts sitting at the top of studio piles. Not that Fox is exactly known for quality control...

Meanwhile, the 71-year-old Scott is finishing work on ROBIN HOOD (and is attached to a dozen other projects), and Robert Rodriguez takes the PREDATOR series in a direction that doesn't involve Antarctic temples or Colorado towns populated with TV actors. One hopes.

Extra Tidbit: So what will we get -- the Pilot's unintended voyage to LV-426? Another human salvage crew finds the Alien homeworld? Can anything even be done without torturing fans of the original?
Source: Variety



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