Alien vs. prequel?

Now that the PREDATOR is launching off on its own under the oversight of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, where does that leave their occasional foe from the ALIEN series?

IESB chatted up oft-reviled Fox honcho Tom Rothman at the premiere of X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, and squeezed him for info on the future of the lethal xenomorphic extraterrestrial. Or that wicked thing's past, as the case may be -- Rothman admits that "There has been talk" and that Ridley Scott himself is "toying with the idea" of revisiting the series for a prequel story.

ALIEN and ALIENS are two of my all-time faves, but the terrifying creature has increasingly been treated like a brain-damaged dog since then, so it's great to hear that the guy who started it might be interested in working with the Giger-designed killing machine again.

Of course, Ridley Scott (currently working on ROBIN HOOD) is also 71 years old and is already involved in about 15 other things (including MONOPOLY, a Gucci biopic and THE A-TEAM), so wishful thinking aside, the beasties will likely remain in stasis on LV-426 until someone far less qualified awakens them...

Extra Tidbit: I'm not big on collectibles, but the Alien is a weakness -- I have dozens of Alien objects and oddities, including a ton of Sideshow stuff, old action figures, an awesome vintage latex puppet from Japan, a full size facehugger replica, even soap dispensers. Got anything good?
Source: IESB



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