Anne & Kate in Wars

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson have signed on to star in the upcoming Fox comedy BRIDE WARS. The actresses will play longtime friends who suddenly find themselves at odds when they realize they've planned their weddings for the exact same day. They soon began to compete for the best venues, bands, guests, etc. Ahh, nothing like watching two catty, spoiled and selfish women argue for 90 minutes (and I mean their characters not the actresses themselves). Gary Winick (13 GOING ON 30) will direct for Fox based on a script by June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson, Karen McCullah Lutz & Kirsten Smith (yipes, that's a lot of people on one script....so it's gotta be good, right?!). Hudson recently wrapped filming on the Dane Cook comedy (*shudder*) BACHELOR NO. 2 while Hathaway has GET SMART set for release next summer. Filming on WARS, which was lucky enough to get a script locked before the strike, is scheduled to begin in January.

Extra Tidbit: Hudson will also serve as producer on the film.
Source: Variety



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