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In this new weekly column we take a look at some of the hot conversations currently taking place around the virtual watercooler in the JOBLO.COM FORUMS. Each week we'll present you with some new conversations that you can jump in quickly and participate in. Heck, it may even inspire you to create your own conversation. Here's what people are talking about this week...

"Movie sequels that aren't as bad as everyone says"

"Have you ever been in a discussion, or read on the internet that a sequel is horrible, but thought to yourself, 'that wasn't that bad a movie?'"

"The 50 Most Racist Movies"

"Some of these films are undeniably offensive, but some additions are really pushing it - and let's not forget some of the glaring omissions!"

"Most realistic/fake death scenes"

"What are some of the more realistic death scenes and fake death scenes from movies?"

"DARK KNIGHT pirater gets 2 years in jail"


"Worst Films by The Best Directors"

"What are your least favorite films by your most favorite filmmakers?"

"Just Cause It's My Favorite, Doesn't Mean It's the Best"

"Do you think your favorite movie, or favorite anything, is indeed the best ever? I like to think I can distinguish between them, and not let my personal feelings on what is my favorite, cloud my judgment on what I might think is the best of something."

"Trailers that give away/show the endings/twists of films"

"Is one cool revealing shot in the trailers really going to entice the general public and make that much difference to the box office bottom line?"

"Budget Blu-Ray player suggestions?"

"What ones would you recommend that could be described as BUDGET Blu-Ray players?"

"Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father"

"So I saw it earlier today. And it blew. Me. AWAY."

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