Ask the Fuzz questions

Sweet! We conducted a very cool live chat with the boys from SHAUN OF THE DEAD a couple of years ago, and the guys have been cool enough to return to JoBlo.com for an exclusive Q&A with our readers, that will take place next Tuesday, April 10th between 2:30pm-3:30pm (EST). In case you don't know who I'm babbling about, it's director Edgar Wright and actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, all for the upcoming comedy-action flick HOT FUZZ, which has been receiving glorious reviews from everyone who has seen it so far (it's also broken some records in the UK).

For now though, if you're a member of our discussion boards (if not, click here to register), CLICK HERE and post your questions for the boys, so that when they pop online next week, they can answer all of your queries with delight (or distress, depending on the questions, I guess). The film opens on April 20th, and if you haven't checked out the OFFICIAL SITE yet, do so now, or any of the film's trailers and clips HERE. Good times.



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