Be Kind Rewind pic

The groovy gang over at Twitch, one of my favorite movie sites that isn't this one, got their mitts on the first pic from BE KIND REWIND, the upcoming comedy from director Michel Gondry (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND).

I think Jack Black's whole "wacky" schtick is reasonably exhausted, but I have to be interested in anything with a synopsis that starts with: "When Jerry becomes accidentally magnetized while trying to sabotage the power plant he believes is melting his brain, the magnetic field he gives off ends up erasing all of the tapes in the video store where his best friend Mike works."

The rest of the movie apparently has Black and Mos Def acting out different "rentals" for customers. Regardless of how hilariously awful Black was in KING KONG (which itself is supremely silly in retrospect), this sounds like something that can take advantage of his mugging.

Extra Tidbit: I consider Mos Def's "Black on Both Sides" to be one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever made. And he's turning out to be a fine actor!
Source: Twitch



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