Bell joins Aguilera

Kristen Bell has signed on to co-star in BURLESQUE, the upcoming musical-drama featuring Christina Aguilera in her first starring role. But wait... isn't Kristen Bell > Christina Aguilera? Just checkin... Bell will star as the antagonist to Aguilera's character, a small-town girl who finds success in a Los Angeles burlesque club. Bell's character was the previous star who finds her life unraveling as Aguilera's fame skyrockets (didn't we all unravel a little bit as Aguilera's fame skyrocketed?).

But perhaps the most interesting part of this story (at least for an 80s movie geek like me), is that the film is being directed by Steve Antin. Antin has an impressive resume of 80s "That Guy" roles including Andy's asshole boyfriend Troy in GOONIES, one of the rapists in THE ACCUSED and, of course, Jessie in the "Jessie's Girl" video.

But back to BURLESQUE, Bell joins the previously cast Cher and Stanley Tucci in the project which begins filming this November for a Thanksgiving 2010 release. She can be seen starting today in COUPLES RETREAT.

Extra Tidbit: Antin's sister was the co-founder of "The Pussycat Dolls."
Source: THR



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