Berg talks Lambs/Horses

Peter Berg has really been getting his groove on lately. His directorial effort THE KINGDOM drops any minute now and he's been working around that to go ahead and get involved in LIONS FOR LAMBS (along with Robert Redford, Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep). He revealed a little about the latter to MTV: “It’s set in Afghanistan, and [is] more about the politics that are going on behind the War on Terror... I play the head of the Special Forces, who sends a team into Afghanistan to try to do a mission - and it doesn’t go very well... I was really amazed to be working with Robert Redford... Just to be on the set and to have him come around the corner and direct me! To walk right up to me and go, ‘Pete, let’s try this. Let’s try that.’”

Furthermore, Berg spoke about a little passion project he's working on bringing to the screen called GONE LIKE THE WIND and apparently about a race horse called Barbaro, that recently passed away. “I’ve got the story... We’ve optioned the story from ‘Vanity Fair’ about the horse, and we’re looking at [how to do] that.”

I guess we'll see how this pans out!
Extra Tidbit: Sure his work in LIONS FOR LAMBS and his directorial efforts on THE KINGDOM are slightly more serious, but I decided Peter Berg was the shit when I was watching THE GREAT WHITE HYPE and saw his song that he dedicated to Damon Wayans. Butt whippin! Butt whippin!
Source: MTV



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