Best-selling DVD/Blu-Rays on JoBlo.com (November 2010)

If you haven't checked into the latest FREE CONTESTS for DVDs and BLU-RAYS on the Digital Dorm of late, it's to note that you can still enter to win 1 of 5 DVD copies of KNIGHT AND DAY that we're currently giving away. We'll also be giving away 5 DVD copies of INCEPTION very soon, so stay tuned for that...

We've also added the latest month of BEST-SELLING ITEMS to the site (November 2010), and the trend that started last month in terms of more Blu-Rays showing up in the top 12 rather than DVDs continued this time around, as 7 of the top 12 items were of the Blu-Ray persuasion. It's also to note that 2 seasons of MAD MEN made the list, and Season 1 missed the top 12 by this-much. Lots of Don Draper fans on the site...nice!

BTW, if you're someone who purchases your DVDs/Blu-Rays via Amazon.com, please use our links to make your buys because our site benefits from that. Much appreciated! So now, with no further adieu...allow me to present the 12 best-selling digital discs on JoBlo.com during the month of November 2010 (click through the image below to see the runner-ups). Keep track of all upcoming DVDs/Blu-Rays via our RELEASE DATES section, and all check all previous months' sales below. Peace!

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