Beyond the Wall: This Week on Game of Thrones (Episode 10 / June3, 2012)

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EPISODE 10: Valar Morghulis


The long summer is at an end, winter truly is coming and with it the cold winds of war as five self proclaimed Kings claim dominance over Westeros, but there can be only one winner when you play the game of thrones.


Wow. I'm still a little speechless after watching the credits roll. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, despite the first half feeling a little slow at times (it wasn't of course, I was just anxious to see how it would end). But I'll get to that. First I'd like to say good job for maintaining a great balance between all storylines in play. There was a ton of ground to cover tonight and I'm very pleased with how they connected the dots (that extra ten minutes helped). The one constant dislike I had while reading the books was that the Starks just never seem to be able to catch a break. Ever. This family's at the heart of the story, and well, it breaks your heart to see them in such dire straits (how the hell can you not get a little teary eyed seeing black smoke rise from Winterfell?). First it's Bran, then it's Ned and round and round it goes, somebody needs to cut these people some slack. Seriously folks, as awesome as this episode it, it's also bound to tug on your heartstrings so I hope you have some tissues handy.

And then there's Tyrion, who not only fought valiantly in the battle of Blackwater, but outwitted, outplayed and outshined everyone in King's Landing, and for what? To nearly have his face cut off? And then get tossed away and forgotten about? I'd like to say you reap what you sow, but damn, he was one of the good guys (and no sign of Bronn, what a jip)! As sad as Bran and Rickon's second escape from Winterfell is, there just happens to be a silver lining after all. Jojen and Meera were signed on as new characters for season 3 so at least Bran's storyline's falling back into place. I loved what little we saw of Arya tonight, and my heart was racing when Jaqen gave her the coin and said the words "Valar Morghulis". I would've loved to see what Stannis sees in the fire with Melisandra, but I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough.

Moving on to Daenarys, FINALLY she kicks some ass and takes some names (well the dragons do help a little), but it's nice to see her throw down like the badass heroine she truly is (we knew she'd prevail so I'm not giving anything away here). The spellbinding imagery within the warlock's tower was awesome as was the surprise cameo (see tissue comment above). Everything did happen rather fast with Dany in the tower but was it ever worth the wait (the dragons look epic). Jon Snow's part tonight was much like his entire trek through the season...another nudge closer to Mance Rayder. I honestly thought we'd see Mance this season (I've also heard many rumors he was being played by James Purefoy, but Purefoy played a similar type of villain in the failed fantasy show CAMELOT, which aired at the same time as GAME OF THRONES first season, so who knows). No dice though, saving him for next season and for now, Purefoy's still a rumor.

GAME OF THRONES SEASON 2's tenth episode delivers on every level, kicking it's tires and leaving two tracks of wildfire on the ground BACK TO THE FUTURE style! After Ned Stark's beheading last season people have begun to anticipate sharp turns in the surprise, betrayal and intrigue departments. Now that's not to say they still weren't surprises aplenty this season (I wish I could've seen each and every reaction to Melisandra's shadow bit as I'm sure they were priceless), and trust me, there's lots more to come. My only fear is the way this show will handle things now that we're coming into books that only feature four or five characters at a time. You can't really leave anyone out now that people have their favorites, but on the flip side, juggling too many in one episode is the only real thing that dragged this season down at times. There's a happy medium to be sure and I have no doubt the boys over at HBO will figure it out. I'll leave you with three words to describe the mind blowing last scene...WINTER IS COMING! And I certainly wasn't complaining.


We get a playful look at Ros' rack, which is enough considering all of tonight's action.


Brienne lays the absolute smackdown on three goons on the road, two quick deaths and one slow. Loved it. We also get a couple other deaths but those are fights and specifics I don't want to ruin.


A worn down Tyrion tells Shae why he can't leave King's Landing, Tyrion, "I do belong here. These bad people are what I'm good at, outtalking them, outthinking them, it's what I am and I like it. I like it more than anything I've ever done."


The final scene when the horn blows three times. Let's just say if Sam hadn't stopped to take a dump at this point, I'm sure that problem solved itself rather quickly. I'd love to describe it to you in greater detail but the scene will speak for itself I assure you.



Extra Tidbit: Thanks for all your great column comments (I know we kinda took you guys by surprise with this one), and yes, we will be covering GAME OF THRONES indefinitely. That said, the boss wants more adult themed TV, so as per the poll we did last week, please let us know which adult themed shows you're into!
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