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Bill Paxton to star opposite Tom Cruise in All You Need Is Kill


One of my favorite fellow Texans, Bill Paxton is in negotiations for a role opposite Tom Cruise in ALL YOU NEED IS KILL.

The sci-fi film from director Doug Liman is the story of, "a raw recruit who gets killed in action but, in Groundhog Day fashion, is reborn each day to fight and die again and again. He begins trying to train himself to be a better soldier in hopes of changing his fate."

When the deal goes through, Paxton will have signed on to play, "a tough-as-nails platoon sergeant described in the script as “a living piece of leather."

It was originally thought that another Bill-- Pullman would take the role. While I love me some Pullman, I will take either Bill in this role.

ALL YOU NEED IS KILL starring Cruise, Emily Blunt, and soon Paxton is set to start filming in London this fall.

Source: THR



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