Blade remake?

This little 'news' piece sounds like fairly spectacular and almost completely unsubstantiated rumor, but reading about it, raises what I feel is an interesting debate. The latest word on the rumor-mill is that BLADE is going to go the way of HULK and BATMAN and undergo a reboot of the franchise. The story comes by way of Bloody-Disgusting. Now, I hate this idea, I think that the first BLADE film was by far the best of the trilogy, and probably one of my favourite films to watch on a quiet Saturday night. After that, I felt that the films got progressively worse and I just don't want to see anyone other than Wesley Snipes play the guy. But from what I can tell, a lot of people seem to think that not only is a reboot a horrible idea, but some kind of cop-out. Personally, I think that the reboot (as a concept) is a potentially great idea. Sure it could swing and miss spectacularly, but if we look at, for example, BATMAN BEGINS, that film was neither lazy nor a failure. It was completely new. As is Norton's version of HULK, it's a reboot, but he's not retreading the film that Ang Lee made, in fact it's not even an origin story! I don't think that choosing to reboot a franchise signals that a studio just wants to pump more money out of a concept that has already run its course, I think that it means someone has identified that there is a new (possibly better) direction to go with a character and wants to explore it. And in this case, the source of this story claims that it is the comic property and not the studio which wants this to happen, anyway.

Now, over to you guys!
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