Boobs and cocaine won't get cut from Social Network after all

The New York Times reported on Friday that producers of THE SOCIAL NETWORK had met with high-ranking executives from Facebook to discuss possible changes to the movie. Those executives had requested certain changes to the movie, some of which the filmmakers had dismissed and others they were considering. While neither side would go on the record with specifically what sections of the film were under review, the Times learned that one scene likely to be cut involved Justin Timberlake's character giving a speech while a number of topless girls walked around offering lines of cocaine off their breasts.

Today, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Facebook be damned, David Fincher is keeping boobs and cocaine is his movie, dammit! (This is surely what our founding fathers had in mind when they drafted the First Amendment.)

Facebook execs reportedly wanted the scene cut because it never actually happened, something the film's producers don't dispute. They're now claiming the only reason they considered cutting that scene wasn't to acquiesce to a corporation but to try and maintain a PG-13 rating. It's unclear if they've scrapped those plans and are going for an R, but whatever the case, the boobs and cocaine aren't going anywhere (and neither, likely, are any of the other changes Facebook have requested).

Extra Tidbit: Timberlake's character in the movie, Sean Parker, *was* arrested for possession of cocaine, leading to his dismissal from the company.
Source: THR



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