Bradley Cooper and Joe Carnahan re-team for The Grey?

Seems like A-TEAM director Joe Carnahan's got a Faceman in mind for what's looking more and more to be his next film...

Bradley Cooper, the current hot male commodity in Hollywood that isn't Sam Worthington, is in talks to join Carnahan's "man vs. nature" drama THE GREY. We first reported on that almost a month ago, quoting a conversation Carnahan had with Cinematical saying the following about the film:

"There's a film that I wrote that I want to do called The Grey," he shared, "which is about a group of pipeline workers in Alaska flying back into civilization after being remote for a number of months. The 737 they're on goes down, and they begin to be hunted by a pack of rogue wolves. It's very much a man vs. nature adventure, existentialist kind of drama that I want to do. We're very, very close to it now."

Very close, indeed. Further helping matters is steady buyer interest in Berlin's film market. The film, which is being produced by Ridley and Tony Scott's Scott Free film banner, has already solidified distribution deals in the U.K., France, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East.
Extra Tidbit: Ladies, HERE is a little Bradley Cooper love for you.
Source: Variety



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