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Brittany Murphy's story to be told in a Liftetime network biopic


Lifetime, the cable bastion of good taste and quality filmmaking, has already made a biopic on the life of Elizabeth Taylor starring Lindsay Lohan and are in production on an Angela Bassett directed film about Whitney Houston. Next, they are going for the logical trifecta and will be bringing us the movie biopic of Brittany Murphy.

Murphy, who died in 2009, was an actress who had appeared in a number of popular films including CLUELESS, SIN CITY, 8 MILE, and contributed voice work to HAPPY FEET and KING OF THE HILL. Her death at age 32 was met with conspiracy theories that she may have been murdered by her husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack, who later died under similar circumstances to Murphy. While foul play has been ruled out, theories continue to this day.

Lifetime has moved forward with the film and cast Amanda Fuller as Murphy. Murphy's mother Sharon has apparently not been involved in the production of the biopic so it remains to be seen if any objections will prevent the film from being made. Sherilyn Fenn (TWIN PEAKS) will portray Murphy's mother. The cable network has set a September 6th premiere for the creatively titled BRITTANY MURPHY STORY.

While these films have existed almost as long as television has, they have still not reached a quality level beyond tabloid journalism. I don't know if Brittany Murphy is a recognizable enough name to warrant a biopic, but there have been worse subjects for TV movies. So, if you are willing to waste the 120 minutes on this film, be sure to not let us know.



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