Carnahan murders zebras

Although his first film has yet to hit theatres (THE KINGDOM drops next week) Matthew Carnahan, brother of director Joe, is ripping it up. His next film is LIONS FOR LAMBS, starring Tom Cruise, then it's STATE OF PLAY, starring Brad Pitt, and after that it'll be WHITE JAZZ, starring George Clooney. What is it about this guy that attracts the best looking men on the planet? I wish I had that gift, but with women, and instead of starring in my movies, they'd sleep with me.

In a recent interview with Rope of Silicon, Carnahan spoke about his next script, about the infamous Zebra Murders. I hadn't heard of them before, but hearing Carnahan talk about it makes me think of ZODIAC and SEVEN, which is a good thing"

It's a story called Zebra Murders for DreamWorks, and it's this great, little story, little in terms that it was lost in the time of Zodiac, Watergate and the Vietnam kind of miasma. In San Francisco, in the early '70s, six African American men from the Nation of Islam temple on Fillmore Street went around the city and were attacking white people at random...Mayor Alioto made African American males in San Francisco carry things called Zebra Cards, identification cards. It was this little slice of apartheid right in the middle of San Francisco in the '70s and the city almost blew apart because of it...It's just such a little gem of a story. If I can put two sentences together I think hopefully people will want to be involved.

What's even more interesting is that the film will focus on two African-American policemen who eventually apprehend the killers, in the midst of extreme racial tensions. Carnahan expands on the story HERE and it sounds like it can be a great film if the right director gets involved.

Extra Tidbit: Carnahan has a daughter with Helen Hunt.
Source: Rope of Silicon



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