CAST THIS: Ghost Rider

News broke this week that a GHOST RIDER sequel was being pushed forward by Columbia because if it doesn't get it into production soon, they’ll lose the rights to the character all together.

But the problem is, with a rush put on the movie, Nicolas Cage might not have time to film it, even if it is a phoned-in performance, as he’s got two other films lined up at the moment, including a third NATIONAL TREASURE installment. So that got me thinking, if they need a new GHOST RIDER, who should it be?

I always thought it was strange that Nicolas Cage landed this part, and I thought it even stranger that this movie did well at all, but I guess I forgot how much America loves their motorcycles. And I guess fire.

I think whoever is cast here needs to ooze badassness, something that I don’t think Cage does the majority of the time, and it could be a chance for the series to actually be good with the right star.

Granted, during all the cool parts, Ghost Rider’s head will be a flaming skull, but it’s still important to find someone who works in the daylight. Who should it be?


We didn’t get a huge response for DANGER GIRL last week, because I don’t think that many of you are familiar with the series, so I’m just going to post the top pick for each role below.

1. Abbey Chase – Elisha Cuthbert 2. Syndey Savage – Evangeline Lily 3. Natalia Kassle – Milla Jovovich

Uh yeah, I don’t really have a whole lot else to say other than MAKE THIS MOVIE.

OK, so how about Ghost Rider?

Extra Tidbit: Isn't Daredevil being rebooted soon?
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