Chris Evans imagined by fans as Captain America

Right after the news of Ryan Reynolds being Green Lantern broke, there were quickly some pretty damn good photoshop jobs of what fans thought he would look like in costume. Well now that Captain America has been cast, the same is being done for Chris Evans, and the first few results are below via FilmSchoolRejects.

I think they look halfway decent, but I do have to say that even though I like Chris Evans 99% of the time, 1% of the time I hate him, mainly when he's making that face where it looks like he’s pouting like an overtanned Jersey girl on MySpace.

All in all I’m pretty happy with this final decision (god rest John Krasinski’s brief flirtation with greatness/disaster), and I’ve loved Evans in almost everything I’ve seen him in. I’m more worried about the movie itself at this point, more than Evan’s portrayal of the character. I’m still trying to get my head around boomerang shield fighting.

Extra Tidbit: So does vibranium make things really bouncy or what?



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